Spirits from the Heart: A Book of Hope and Healing For Those Who Battle Anxiety and Depression

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Spirits from the Heart is a book of hope and healing for those who battle anxiety and depression.

Depression and anxiety are notorious health conditions of our 21st century. Caused by biological, psychological, and environmental factors, millions of humans experience depression or anxiety during their lifetimes. Those who struggle seek various means of treatment, including traditional and alternative health care means. This collection of heart-felt verse demonstrates that poetic expression can powerfully influence healing. Writing brings clarity of mind and heals the soul.


About Kendra Lynn Sestile

Kendra Lynn Sestile earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Science from the College of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Saybrook University, San Francisco, California. Her graduate thesis focused on stress management education. For over twenty years, she has worked for a global corporation in marketing communications and sales, and she has recently conducted stress management workshops.



There is nothing more beautiful than to experience nature in all her wisdom.

I pray that you, alone, will take time away from this chaot ic world and explore the beauty that surrounds you in the forest, along streams, atop mountains, and within the red rocks. Spirit will immerse you with understanding. And at that point, you will transcend. You will begin to heal from your anxiety and depression.


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